Hotel tourist complex "Stalagmite" | "Stalagmite" Hotel tourist complex

Hotel tourist complex “Stalagmite”


The group of companies “Stalagmit” was founded on March 16, 2000 based on the Kungur Ice cave and hotel “Stalagmit”. Today the hotel tourist complex “Stalagmite” is the largest in Kungur city, with widely developed infrastructure and the high quality standards of service. The hotel tourist complex “Stalagmite” has a profitable geographical arrangement. It takes two minutes of walking from a world famous nature sanctuary – the Kungur Ice cave, in only 3.5 km from railway and bus stations of Kungur city and in 100 km from the international airport of Perm city. The territory of the complex is 5 hectares of the developed, environmentally friendly area equipped with all necessary for comfortable and pleasant rest, at all seasons of the year. In the territory the ethnographic park » Yermak‘s Village» in which a set of wooden sculptures, museum of country life «Yermak’s Log hut», a chapel, the playground «Glade of fairy tales», the open areas for active recreation was stretched. The hotel contains 114 spacious rooms of different category of comfortableness, once the hotel can place up to 250 people. The hotel has the developed functional equipment, it conveniently combined service of public catering (a lobby bar, café “Stalagmit”, cafe “U Timofeicha”), an improving complex (the swimming pool, the Russian bath, Turkish to boor, the salt room, spa procedures and physical therapy), the complex are providing business services (a modern conference hall with the multimedia equipment, the negotiation room), the complex has implementation of its own souvenirs (Magic Trunk gift shop, malls). Also the enterprise provides the extensive list of additional services, among them are protected parking, laundry, service in numbers, billiards and many other things.

There are more than 150 people works today in group of companies “Stalagmit”. We are the amicable and rallied collective which daily does everything for most conveniently and comfortably guests vacation. All enterprise staff are professionals in tourist business, specialists with long experience, a uniform organism which purpose is to provide clients not only comfortable, but interesting and cognitive rest. The main objective of the enterprise management is to keep and to increase beauty of this unique, environmentally friendly corner, to provide development of internal tourism in the territory of the Kungur district and all Perm Krai, to increase tourist flow. For implementation of these purposes in 2010 the Kungur Ice cave, on behalf of the OOO «Stalagmit-Ekskurs» enterprise, entered (the only in Russia) in International association of excursion caves, thereby having opened doors for independent foreign tourists. For convenience of guests who arrive from different corners of the world in the airport Bolshoie Savino and already from there go to Kungur. In 2014 the hotel of the same name in the Perm city was open. Using riches which are opened before us the nature, we offer all new and new services, we develop the modern directions, we create various offers, we provide high-quality leisure, attracting with that, it is more and more tourists in hotel “Stalagmit”. In the closest plans of the management of Stalagmit group to adjust mass entrance, group and individual, tourism from the countries of Asia and the Middle East.


  • Hotel (114 numbers, 250 places)
  • Café “Stalagmit” (the main hall on 150 seats, the Grotto hall on 40 seats)
  • Cafe “U Timofeicha” (40 seats)
  • Lobby bar
  • Conference hall and negotiations room
  • The protected parking, the free parking
  • Russian bath, Turkish boor
  • The swimming pool with a waterslide
  • Improving complex (salt camera, cedar barrel, physiotherapy)
  • Billiards (Russian billiards, American pool)
  • Platforms for summer and winter holiday
  • Gift shop

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